Plum Jam is a mixed media sculptural installation. Casting together diametrically opposed objects and materials into an unsettling juxtaposition, the installation probes the close relationship and interaction between the human body and medical technology.  Plum Jam is also about making jam.

The installation consists of two wall-mounted elements. The first is a series of six fabricated stainless steel shelves.  Placed on each shelf is a stainless steel kidney dish in which sits a fabricated plum, an altered surgical instrument and a steel mesh sheet that separates the two objects.  

The second wall-mounted element is a totemic five-part apparatus. On the lower section hang sheer white full-length stockings, each holding a fabricated plum.  Above this is mounted a found antique sterilizing box containing nine fabricated plums in various stages of decomposition.  Above the box are three shelves each holding one step in the jam-making process.  The jam itself is stored in various specimen and apothecary jars.  Soaking in the jam are stainless steel surgical instruments.


Plum Jam 1993-1994
Stainless steel, mixed media
Table 77 x 180 x 77 cm, shelves 43 x 33 x 15.5 cm, sterilizing centre shelves 23 x 61 x 13 cm