Woodland Series 1,2019
Chromogenic Print, 33 x 66 inches


Imbued with a sense of place, the Woodland Series weaves together memory and fiction in an exploration of time spent in a forest - its branches, its leaves, its silence and its dissipating light. The source material is drawn from personal documentation of a trek through the woodlands of New Forest in southern England. There, scattered randomly throughout the forest, were manmade shelter-like constructions, human-size lean-tos of branches gathered and systematically placed against tree trunks. Any number of stories could be conjured up explaining the reason for and purpose of these crude structures. The story told here is one of immersion in an endlessly expanding landscape of possibilities in which phantom-like human forms become part of the spectrum of strange forest constructions – the flotsam and jetsam of the forest floor - one dissolving into the other. It is also about shelter, refuge and coexistence with the natural world.