Paper Shadows is a cautionary tale told through the uneasy interplay of human activity within the natural world. The large format photo-based images conflate notions of tranquility and disturbance. The result is an unsettling reflection upon our collective anxieties. From beekeepers to parachutists; from suicide bombers to surfers; from airliners to blackbirds, Paper Shadows plays a visual riff on contemporary hopes and fears. Held together by a simmering underbelly of disaster that floats just below the surface, the images are both instructive and darkly amusing. They are also just paper shadows.
Paper Shadows is a large format film-based photo installation of constructed realities. Pastoral seascapes provide the backdrop for unexpected events and menacing possibilities. Eight of the eleven images are presented as diptychs. Each image within the diptych can at once inform and amplify or contradict and deflate the other. As single or paired images, the narratives within speak to each other about fragility and unpredictability, but also about the tranquility and beauty that rests at the center.

Paper Shadows, #2.1, 2007-8
B/W photo-based digital output on archival media, 40 x 69 inches