Sure Sign is a large format photo-based installation that explores the fragile yet steadfast nature of human beings living in a dangerous world. As a constructed reality, it is both a metaphor for the individual caught in a personally precarious situation and a cautionary tale for the larger world that we live.
Set in a location that is a surviving symbol of a great civilization that met its demise, Sure Sign reflects the deeply uncertain times that we live in. The dark waters of the Roman baths, normally luxurious and therapeutic, begin to flood their stone borders. A persistent and foreboding dark stain rises causing the inhabitants of this new and threatening world to take heed. Unprepared and ill- equipped, they respond in primitive and makeshift ways. Caught in places where normalcy has been interrupted and where the physical self is threatened, human will and spirit are put to the test. Perched on available or jerry-rigged devices, they search for higher ground. A bit unsteady, yet firmly planted in the seeping dark waters, they soldier on. At once bathed in light and engulfed in darkness, they refuse to give up.
As individuals we live with personal as well as world-changing events that warn us daily of our fragility. For all our knowledge and resources we seem to be incapable of taking these signs seriously enough to bring about timely solutions. We continue to cobble together solutions. They are sometimes adequate and sometimes not, the outcome often remaining uncertain.